Truck spare parts

Shock absorbers for trucks

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Truck spare parts

Shock absorbers for trucks

Emporio Rossi sells shock absorbers of the following brands: Sachs, Sabo, Monroe, Koni, Bpw and Saf. The family of shock absorbers covers the following needs:

  • Cab shock absorbers
  • Shock absorbers for tractor and trailer axles
  • Shock absorbers for seats
  • Gas springs for opening hoods, hatches and other special applications

Emporio Rossi also has an auto parts department, where you can buy shock absorber parts from the top and prestigious brands.

How to identify the correct shock absorbers?

In order to identify and purchase a new shock absorber spare part, you only need the proper code that is stamped on the body. Unfortunately it often happens that this code is not readable, due to the wear of time. However, it is possible to find the correct product by communicating some information, including some dimensional measurements (and thrust/load for gas springs). In particular it is necessary to communicate some technical data concerning the shock absorber:

  • Application of shock absorbers and working inclination (vertical, horizontal or diagonal)
  • Measurement of shock absorber wheelbase, both in "all open" and "all closed" position
  • Diameter and width of the bushings/pins (so-called "eye-eye" or "eye-pin")
  • Outer and inner body diameter

It is also interesting to point out that there are reinforced Koni shock absorbers, which are able to withstand much greater loads and have a longer life span. It is not superfluous (indeed, it is advisable) to periodically check shock absorbers (especially cab and axle shock absorbers), since shock absorbers in perfect working order affect driving comfort and can significantly contribute to saving fuel and limiting tire wear. All this has a positive influence on safety on the road.

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