Truck spare parts

Water-oil-gasoline pumps

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Truck spare parts

Water-oil-gasoline pumps

Emporio Rossi sells water-oil-diesel pumps of the following brands: OMP, BCD and Bosch. There are different categories of pumps for the truck:

  • Water pumps, which are used to run the engine cooling water
  • Oil pumps, to ensure the lubrication of the engine and other organs
  • Diesel pumps, to feed the engine with fuel

The main brand of water pumps is OMP.

Oil pumps differ in the type of control: mechanical or electronic. Mechanical pumps are directly controlled by the engine, while electronic pumps are controlled by a control unit.

Gear pumps: they use two gears meshed together, one of which is driven by the other; their rotation allows the pumping of oil, which flows in the outermost part of the gears. Lobe or trochoidal pumps: they use two toothed elements, which have a slightly different axis of rotation and allow an oil pumping comparable to the gear pump, but requiring a smaller space Piston pumps: used on the old means or in case it is necessary to adjust even through a second command in addition to the speed.

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