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Emporio Rossi sells radiators of the following brands: Hella, Frigair, Valeo and Denso. The company stocks more than 100 different references, as well as many others on order. Radiators are part of the vehicle’s cooling system. In the radiator, the coolant is a mixture of distilled water and antifreeze liquid, which has the effect of raising the boiling point and lowering the freezing point of the liquid; it also protects metal parts from corrosion and oxidation. From a constructive point of view, it consists of a grid of tubes and fins that, by means of external air, allow to quickly lower the temperature of the liquid.

Other components of the cooling system include:

  • the fan (not always present) that accelerates the passage of air in the radiator
  • the thermostatic switch that when the critical temperature of the liquid is reached closes an electric circuit that activates the fan
  • the thermometer, which accurately measures the temperature of the liquid and allows to detect any anomalies
  • the expansion vessel, a small tank that collects any boiling liquid, allows you to refill the missing liquid and regulates the pressure of the liquid through a system of valves
  • the indicator on the dashboard
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