Truck spare parts

Batteries for industrial vehicles

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Truck spare parts

Batteries for industrial vehicles

Emporio Rossi sells truck batteries of the following brands:

  • Rrudforce
  • Varta

In our warehouse are available over 60 different references of batteries and many others on order. Batteries always deliver 12V DC; in trucks usually 2 batteries are needed to reach the nominal voltage of 24V.

The technical characteristics that distinguish a battery are:

  • The amount of charge: truck batteries range from 100Ah in the light series to 225Ah for the medium/heavy range of trucks.
  • Inrush current: represents the maximum current that can be delivered by the battery at the moment the vehicle is started. Questo valore incide dunque sulla possibilità di accensione del motorino di avviamento in fase di partenza del camion. The starting current of batteries ranges from a minimum of 760A up to 1200A.
  • Positive pole position: by positioning the battery so that the poles face the observer, the red (positive) pole can be on the left or right.
  • Overall dimensions: when choosing a replacement battery it is also important to measure the three dimensions. Often batteries of different brands are similar in construction details, but they differ in size. It may sometimes happen that a purchased battery does not fit into the battery compartment.
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A technical detail to be underlined concerns the venting cells: they avoid the possible leakage of acid caused by the movement due to the roughness of the road or overheating. The acid vapors are condensed and brought back inside the battery itself, reason for which it is not necessary, in the new batteries, the topping up of the acid, with consequent less need of maintenance.

Until a few years ago, batteries and sulfuric acid were sold separately. Today the batteries are sold all ready to use, with sulfuric acid inside and charged.

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