Oleodynamics and Pneumatics


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Oleodynamics and Pneumatics


Emporio Rossi maintains over 20,000 items in stock and thousands more on order. Listed below are all categories of our “Hydraulics” parts.

  • OleodynamicsSae tubes, vacuum gauges, pvc tubes, pressure switches, directional valves, hydraulic cylinders, lifting cylinders, copper washers, collars and more
  • Oleodynamic AccessoriesCollars, plates, hose clamps, isophonic screws
  • Bushings and InsertsBushings, fittings
  • Oleodynamic CylindersLifting cylinders, silencers, chromed rods, weld-on joints, weld-on forks
  • Control unitsControl units, caps, distributors
  • PipelineGalvanized pipe, steel pipe
  • Hydraulic Oil FiltersHydraulic filters, filter cartridges
  • SealsCopper Washers, felt rings, metric o-rings, flange gaskets
  • Adapters and FittingsGas nipples, tees, male/female extensions, straight intermediate fittings, DIN nuts, lock nuts, tapered plugs
  • Hydro guidesHydro guides
  • Quick CouplingsISO male and female quick release couplings
  • Measuring instrumentsVacuum gauges, mini-triggers, level indicators, pressure gauges, pressure switches, electric level indicators, bushings
  • PumpsPumps, pump fittings, tanks, oil seals, pump flanges
  • ValvesBall grips, directional valves, ball valves, solenoid valves
  • Flexible tubeSAE tubes, food tubes, PVC tubes, air tubes, water tubes, textile sheaths, cable sheaths, alfajet hoses, spiral plates, glass fibre braid

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