Jaltest MHE

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Diagnosis for material handling machines

Jaltest MHE (Material Handling Equipment) is the module distributed by Emporio Rossi for the management of repair and diagnosis operations of material handling equipment. Jaltest MHE offers many advantages in the diagnosis and maintenance of forklifts, telehandlers, lifting platforms and similar machines.

Jaltest has an extensive presence in the market thanks to the updating of new brands, models and systems three times a year.


Much more than just diagnostics

  • Repair guide for error codes
  • System Technical Data
  • Vehicle Technical Data
  • Repair guide for symptomatology
  • Releases and Procedures
  • Manual Diagnosis
  • Vehicle maintenance data
  • Schemes
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Easy and intuitive

The Jaltest modules in the Jaltest Info, Expert versions allow you to effectively manage all diagnostic and repair operations for materials handling equipment. The Jaltest GRP, I-Parts Assist modules guarantee additional levels of assistance and safety in the use of the application.

  • Quick installation and handling
  • Customizable software
  • All in one screen
  • Elegant design with vivid colors
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Robust and compact

Jaltest’s range of solutions are able to meet all the demands of workshop technicians and the needs encountered during diagnosis and repair of material handling machines. Jailtest hardware is designed to operate under extreme working conditions in all weather conditions.

  • Jaltest Link V9
  • Jaltest Rugged PC
  • Jaltest Rugged Pad
  • Diagnosis stations
  • Carrying case
  • Cables

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