G7641 SERIES Emporio Rossi
Tire remover


10” -24”

Two-position repositionable spindle.

The wide and reinforced frame guarantees extreme rigidity to the structure and stability to the spindle.

The mounting of the gearbox between two steel plates prevents any bending.
The considerable height of the vertical post and the tool shaft allow working on wheels up to a maximum width of 15″ (381 mm).

G7641.24 SINGLE SPEED 12”-26,5” 10”-24”
G7641.22 SINGLE SPEED 13”-24,5” 11”-22”
G7641.20 SINGLE SPEED 12”-22,5” 10”-20”
G7641.18 SINGLE SPEED 12”-20,5” 10”-18”
G7641V.24 2 SPEED 12”-26,5” 10”-24”
G7641V.22 2 SPEED 13”-24,5” 11”-22”
G7641V.20 2 SPEED 12”-22,5” 10”-20”
G7641V.18 2 SPEED 12”-20,5” 10”-18”
G7641D.24 VARIABLE SPEED 12”-26,5” 10”-24”
G7641D.22 VARIABLE SPEED 13”-24,5” 11”-22”
G7641D.20 VARIABLE SPEED 12”-22,5” 10”-20”
G7641D.18 VARIABLE SPEED 12”-20,5” 10”-18”
G7641 SERIES Emporio Ricambi Rossi

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