RAV TD 8080T – 8060T

RAV TD 8080T - 8060T Emporio Rossi
Truck setup

RAV TD 8080T - 8060T

TD8080T and TD8060T represent the top of technology for commercial vehicles attitude adjustment.

  • bluetooth transmission between front sensors and console
  • infrared transmission between sensors
  • double inclinometer for the ADJUSTMENT of the incidence without steering
  • recommended the use of STDA92 clips to eliminate the off-center compensation procedure
  • not suitable for car wheels (minimum wheel diameter 760mm)

Newly developed devices, using the latest generation components. The software is specific for commercial vehicles and has been created in collaboration with specialists in this field.

Technical features

TD 8080 TWS (8CCD) – TD 8060 TWS (6CCD)

  • improved productivity through maximum efficiency
  • faster working times while maintaining precision
  • easier operation, no special training required
  • bluetooth transmission between front detectors and console
  • infrared transmission between detectors
  • double inclinometer for incidence ADJUSTMENT without steering
  • can also register cars with optional accessories

The technical characteristics and the fittings presented in this brochure may be subject to variations. The images reproduced are not binding.

RAV TD 8080T - 8060T Emporio Ricambi Rossi
Front Axis
Total convergence+/- 2’+/- 2°+/- 5°
Semi-convergence+/- 1′+/- 1°+/- 2°30′
Axis deviation+/- 2’+/- 2°+/- 5°
Wheel Tilt+/- 2’+/- 3°+/- 10°
Upright incidence+/- 5′+/- 10°+/- 18°
Upright inclination+/- 5′+/- 10°+/- 18°
Rear axis
Total convergence+/- 2′+/- 2°+/- 5°
Semi-convergence+/- 1′+/- 1°+/- 2°30′
Axis deviation (TD 8080)+/- 2′+/- 2°+/- 5°
Wheel Tilt+/- 2′+/- 3°+/- 10°
Thrust angle+/- 2′+/- 2°+/- 5°

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