RAV TD 1780WS – 1760WS

RAV TD 1780WS – 1760WS Emporio Rossii
Car setup

RAV TD 1780WS - 1760WS

Wheel alignment with 8 CCD sensors (TD1780WS) or with 6 CCD sensors (TD1760WS) – Data transmission between infrared detectors. Data transmission between front sensors and console via Bluetooth. Maximum mobility even between several workstations thanks to the total absence of pre-wiring or fixed structures. Steering procedure realized electronically through CCD sensors to obtain the value of incidence and inclination of the mast with high precision.

Spoiler program – The Spoiler Program, when necessary, intervenes automatically and makes the measurement possible thanks to a practical and simple procedure.

Easy data - Easy aligment

  • Data management and visualization program in WINDOWS environment
  • Database with over 90,000 vehicle data sheets
  • Possibility of further insertion of cards by the user
  • Customer database for the registration of 20,000 interventions with search by name or vehicle plate number

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RAV TD 1780WS – 1760WS Emporio Ricambi Rossi

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